Hello dear English speaking friends, hello Tracy,

I’ve made this page for you, so you can get to know me without having to fiddle out how to get your browser to translate my page for you. 🙂

I feel more comfortable in English, but the topic of Neurodiversity – all of them, not only ADHD – is so unknown as of yet in Germany, I had to do something! You think it takes long for the DSM to get updated? Well guess how much longer it takes until it arrives in German-only psychotherapist offices…  to say we’re way behind you is an understatement.

So, I’ll be seeking collaboration with the leading minds in the US on Neurodiversity, and it’s only fair you should get to know me a bit better for that reason. If you’d like to see me live, please have a look at my youtube channel.


My name is Julia Hager, I’m 47 years old and have at least ADHD (still in discovery phase). I’ve already aced a career in the corporate world and am currently leading Digital Marketing for a global company in the supply chain sector. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to verify that and check out the recommendations I’ve received for it. One of which you’ll find below. 

In September 2021 a new Bachelor of Science program came to German Universities (and US & UK ones): Digital Psychology (called „Cyberpsychology“ in the UK and US). So I signed up and am now in my 2nd Semester full time studying applied Psychology, aside to my full time work. (University of Applied Management Munich)

That’s how I found out that I have ADHD! So now I’ve founded a local ADHD Self-help group, because it’ll be 3 more years until I can help people as a state-approved Psychologist/Counselor. Also I created this website and started a Podcast on Neurodiversity and that it can also be a strength, and not a disorder or deficit. When they translated it to German, they translated it in the worst way possible! It’s a stigmata here, something to endure and be ashamed of. The psychiatrist who diagnosed me has not once asked regarding any comorbidities. 

Luckily, I’m an English speaking, digital marketing expert. So I’m going to use that, and my ADHD super powers and change that for my fellow Germans! I’m also, as it so happens, a state-approved translator (since ADHD brains often have accumulated more than one job in life). 

So, I will be reaching out to American and British leading minds in this area, asking to help me in this mission. I do not ever ’steal‘ content. I’m aware of all German data privacy laws, the strictest in the world. I want to translate content, giving full credit to the mind behind it. I have all it takes for that, and in order to prove it to you, this page is showing my credentials. If you have any doubts or quesitons, please please reach out to me, to julia@neurodiversitaet.de

Thank you, yours, Julia

Digital Marketing Expert

I’ve been in digital marketing before it existed, made my first website in 1998 and am on social media since 2004. I’ve literally been a female geek before it became cool, and started my career in IT, before changing via Sales to Digital Marketing.

After turning 30, I’ve even managed to hold down a job in it for longer than a few years, this recommendation here is from my line manager to whom I’ve reported from 2019 until 2021 for almost 3 years. (I’m still in this job, but my line manager changed)

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to see my whole CV.

State-approved translator

Here you can have a look at the Certificate for being a state-approved „Foreign language Correspondet (=Translator & Interpreter – in German „Staatlich geprüfte Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin“), which I did in English and Spanish in 1999. It’s in German, but you can see the seal at the bottom of page 3. Page 1 – Page 2 – Page 3  (I somehow lost the paper original). In addition I’ve lived & worked 2 years in the UK and got the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. And of course for the last 10 years I’ve conducted my full time job only in English in my global role, which you can see confirmed in my recommendations on LinkedIn. (The name you see on the certs is my marital name from first marriage).